How Tamales Became a Holiday Tradition

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Among our customer Christmas Favorites at Pittman & Davis are our top-rated spicy Tamales! Does that surprise you? It won’t once you taste them – this savory best-seller is made with premium and falling-apart tender pork, beef and chicken, redolent with fresh Mexican spices and surrounded by a thin, moist layer of delicious corn meal, then wrapped in natural corn husks. Packaged with our spicy Cantina salsa, it’s an easy (and popular!) star for your holiday get-together! But how did tamales, of all things, get to be a holiday tradition?

Tamales: A Christmas Tradition

Tamales may seem an odd choice of gift meats to send for Christmas, but the tradition of including them in a holiday gift basket goes back a long way

Tamales date back to Meso-American times. Long before the first Spaniards arrived, the Mesoamerican peoples believed that their gods formed human beings out of maize. In a land with poor soil and a deficit of farmable land, maize became very important. Able to be stored for long periods and ground into flour, it maize was vital to the survival of the Mesoamerican peoples, and its significance is reflected in their origin stories, artwork and rituals.

After the conquistadors came, tamales wrapped in maize or corn husks became used as sacrificial offerings. As the culture changed, this tradition spread to include other sacred and special occasion in Mexico: significant wedding anniversaries, baptisms, first communions, and Christmas celebrations. Part of what makes them so ideal is they’re portable, easy to store, and inexpensive to prepare for large gatherings.

The Art of Tamale-Making

Part of the reason tamales became associated with special occasions is probably due to the work that goes into preparing them. While the actual steps are not difficult in and of themselves, making authentic Mexican tamales is a very time-consuming process (this is probably why tamales are often made in large batches and frozen for later use).

It can take a whole day to prepare a large batch of tamales from start to finish, and the different steps each take time, from making the masa (dough), to the filling (which often includes cooked meats and/or veggies), to the steaming.

An Easy Way to Enjoy Tamales

If you want to include tamales as part of your Christmas tradition or choose them as part of your list of gourmet gifts for Christmas, look no further than Pittman & Davis! So easy to prepare, they make a fast, unique, and easy to prepare meal that’s delicious and just right for special occasions. Place your order today!

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